11 Killer Ways To Increase followers on Instagram for free

At this time, Instagram has become a photo and video-sharing social networking service platform that is used by smartphone users of the world. Now the Instagram platform is emerging as a business, if you have more followers on Instagram, then the company asks you to post a sponsor. By doing this, you can earn a good income. There are many celebrities who charge thousands of dollars for posting a sponsor. In this post, we are going to discuss the top 11 Killer Ways To Increase followers on Instagram for free.

How to increase followers on Instagram for free
How to increase followers on Instagram for free

11 Killer Ways To Increase followers on Instagram for free

There are many ways to increase your followers but most people are unaware of them. There are some free and paid ways to increase followers. The paid method is not good for a long time because, if people don’t know you then there is more chance that they will not follow you, so you should use the real method to get more followers on Instagram. Let’s see real methods or SEO tips to get more followers.

1. Attractive image, photo, and video

The first and the most important thing is the post image, photo and video whatever you want to upload so keep in mind this should be best quality, that looks attractive and upload all the post image, photo in the account by editing them properly.

2. Profile photo and Bio

Whenever we go to an Instagram account, Firstly we see his profile photo and check his bio. Therefore, you have to make sure your bio should be interesting. If you have a website, YouTube channel, etc, then you must use it on your bio, as well as you can also use hashtags and stickers.

Always active in your account- Be active every time and Post a regular post on your Instagram. By doing this, not only followers will increase. Your comments will also increase.

3. Choose Trending topic

If you want to grow on Instagram in a short time, then you should post on the trending topic because trending topics are one of the best things which help to get more followers in a short time, if any topic has gone on the treading so there are many people getting started on social media, you can get trending topic information from Google trends.

4. Use Hashtag

Hashtag making a post-viral, whenever you post any video or post on Instagram, you must use the hashtag, related to the post. Whenever someone searches by hashtag, your post will also show in the result and you will be able to increase new followers.

5. Create Facebook Account

If you are beginner to the Instagram, we would recommend you to create your account with Facebook. If you are creating your account with Facebook then your account will also appear on the list of all your Facebook friends on Instagram, if they know you then they will definitely follow you.

6. Link with Facebook

If you already have an account on Instagram, then link it to Facebook whenever someone visits your Facebook account, it will come to your Instagram from there. Apart from this, you can also suggest by posting on Facebook that you are active on Instagram. By doing this, your all friends will come to your Instagram.

7. Follow local people

Follow local is one of the best methods for getting more followers. Most people like to follow favorite celebrities and there is no wrong, people follow because they want to keep updated with their favorite celebrity. If you’re new on Instagram, you should also follow local people, if they know you so they will definitely give you a follow back.

8. Connect with social network

If you will connect with other social networks like blogs, websites, and YouTube channels, it is easy to increase followers. For example, if someone reads your article watching your video on YouTube then they will also follow you on other social networks.

9. Active on Time

According to research, most of the users are active on Instagram from 2 pm to 5. On the other hand, if you talk about any one day, then it is Wednesday, on this day, there is the most traffic drive on Instagram, post at the same time so that your post can reach as many people as possible, this will chance of increasing your followers.

10. Write meaningful Caption

Whenever you share a post image, photo, video on Instagram, so keep in mind write a question in the caption so that the comment come to your post, so it will help you to get more followers

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11. Find influences and Keep an eye.

Search the top best influences who are related to your respective content, and Keep an eye on what they’re posting and follow them and keep exploring your influences post, what people are saying in the captions and join in the conversation. If you respond then you can just get a new follower. 

I hope you enjoyed this, and make sure to share this with anyone who might benefit from understanding how to increase followers on Instagram for free in 2022. I appreciate you!

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