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Support different screen sizes in Android Example

Hey developers welcome back to new post. In this post, I’ll show you how you can essentially Support Different Screen Size in Android because that really is a question, if you test any app in tablet and a normal phone then the layouts will look differently. If we also rotate this phone, so layouts are stacked vertically instead they are stacked horizontally.

Get Current Location in Android Studio using Kotlin

Sometimes, in the project we have need to be add current location of the users that’s why we are creating this small project for you. So hey developer welcome to Techpass Master website, In this post we’re going to learn, How to Get Current Location in Android Studio using Kotlin programming language. This project will help you to get your current location, so without any further discussion lets start building the project 🙂

85 Android Interview Questions For Freshers 2023

Here in this post, I will be sharing some famous Android Interview Questions For Fresher or experienced developers that are asked in the Android Interviews panel. In this post, you will get different Android, Java, Kotlin, Database (Local and Firebase Database), Third-party library-related questions, which help you to get the job in Android.