Best API for Android App Development

API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs are used for building blocks, and allow the creation of apps much faster & better. Today In this post, we will discuss the best API for learning Android App Development. Let’s check out the collection of APIs for Android App Development.

(Free Best API for Learning Android App Development)

1. Firebase

The Firebase API is one of the “top best API for learning Android App Development” and it is best for beginners. Firebase was launched in the year 2012 and it is a real-time synchronization feature, you can simply get and set the data.

Check Firebase API for further details

2. Weather API

Weather APIs are simple and free best API for Android App Development. In the API you can simply access current weather data.

You can check out the Weather API for further details from –

3. Currency Converter API

Currency Converter API provides a free web service to convert one currency to a different currency. It is very easy to use the REST API interface worldwide data in JSON format.

Check out the further details-

4. Google Analytics API

Google Analytics is a very powerful API for analytics of your web or mobile application

Check out –

5. Food Fact API

Food fact API is the open food database, it is available under the Open Database License. It is the single content of the database, which is available under the open database license. The Food Fact API database is available in JSON format.

The Food Fact API is basically used in the mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Check out –

6. Twilio API

Twilio, APIs provide many separate REST APIs for sending text messages, making phone calls, looking up phone numbers, managing your accounts, and tons more. Youll work with each of them in roughly an equivalent way, whether directly over HTTP or using Twilio’s helper libraries for several different programming languages.

Check out the further details –

7. News

News API provides a structured way to retrieve articles and break news headlines from news blogs.

Check out the further details –

8. New York Times

Check out the further details –

9. Recipy Puppy API

Check out the further details –

10. Meme search API

Check out the further details –

Some Bonus APIs for you :):-

Recommended Reading:

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Happy Learning!!!

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