5 Best GitHub Repositories for Android Developer

In this article, we will explore the 5 Best GitHub Repositories for every Android Developer.

GitHub is the most popular site for hosting source codes with version control. GitHub has more than 30 million accounts and over 96 million repositories.

Here are the 5 Best GitHub repositories that every Android developer must follow:

1-  Android Guides.

This repo has to learn materials on different topics like view, layout navigation, and more. (Click here to check repo)

2- Architecture Components.

The Great resources to explore, how Android architecture components are implemented in Android. (Click here to check repo)

3- Android Best Practices

Android Development best practices and suggestions. (Click here to check repo)

4- Architecture Samples

Collection of code samples showing implementation of popular architecture in Android. (Click here to check repo)

5- Awesome Android UI

Awesome Android UI gives you a list of awesome UI and UX libraries for Android. (Click here to check repo)

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