How to Stay Updated as an Android Developer (2024)

Welcome back developers, In this post I’m going to share you, how to Stay Updated as an Android Developer. This is really the best resources that you as an Android developer, if you are want to stay updated as an Android Developer.

The Android world has always been a challenge and we developers must keep up with all new technologies and improvements that are released by the official Android team but sometimes we miss those information from the official sources.

We end up by hearing about them months or even a year after its initial release also having too much information can be difficult as well, so being able to filter the relevant information is a must-have skill for every developer, Let’s see the most important official source to stay updated as an Android Developer. .

If you think that I have missed some good source of information then be sure to comment down below and let me know.

Category of resources for Stay Updated as an Android Developer

  • Blog
  • Newsletter
  • YouTube
  • Podcast
  • Twitter

The above resource category is enough for keeping you up to date as an Android Developer

okay, so the first category of resources is:


Android Developers Blogs

First and the most relevant blog that you should know about already is Android developers blog so this is the official Android developers blog which is maintained by the official Android developers team and here on this blog you are going to find the most relevant in the up-to-date information which is related to the Android world.

Android developers Blogs

so here you can access and find how many blogs were published in each and every month here as you can see and as you can see at the moment it’s a December 2022 which has just started.

We can just open up that archive for that specific month and we can check out see what the actual blogs were released in that specific month.

Material Design Blog

The Material design blog, where you’ll find all the information that is related to the material design

material design blog
material design blog

We have seen a great news about the release of a relay plugin for Android Studio in the figma, so here you can just open up this blog and check out all the newest information that are related to the material design system in this case material designer 3 is the newest design system at the moment.

Firebase Blog

The Firebase blog is important for those, who are actually using the Firebase in their project. You can check out all different kind of Vlogs that were released from the newest date, you can also check out different categories from here for example the Android.

We can just select that type category and we can and we can check all blogs that were written in that specific category.

Firebase blog
Firebase blog

as you can see the newest blogs are always on the top there you go.

Recent release notes

This web page is very important because here you’ll find the latest release notes about all different libraries that are developed and maintained by the official Android developers team.

Recent Release Notes
Recent Release Notes

So here we can check out and see different kind of our channels we can check only the stable channels the release candidates beta or even Alpha in this case I have just selected the all so I want to check and see all the releases about every library out there as you can see at the moment of a writing this post the last a release was published on November 22nd 2022.


I’m sure that you have already heard about the medium and if you haven’t then I highly suggest you to just go there in the register or create a new account on a medium and after create an account on medium you can of course follow some relevant people there that release interesting and important blogs about your specific topic that you are searching for.

Medium Website
Medium Website

Just follow and subscribed Android development design technology and programming related blogs

You can of course follow different kind of people and even a Publications as well the important thing here to note is that based on those topics that you have actually followed on medium.

You are going to receive a newsletter on your email address about the recent relevant blogs that are associated with those topics that you have followed.

So be sure to follow some interesting topics about Android development or any other topic that you’re interested. medium which is a great thing.


I have two quite important websites that you can check out the first one is a Android weekly and the second one is a Kotlin weekly.

Android weekly
Android weekly

Why you should definitely subscribe to those uh newsletters like the Android because on a weekly basis you are going to receive an email from them where you can check out a different kind of Articles blogs tutorials.

Sure to subscribe to those two newsletters so that was everything about the newsletters category of our resources.


Android Developers Backstage

Podcast and for a podcast I have only one website which is relevant for Android developers and that is the Android developers backstage so this is a website where you can basically listen to different kind of a podcast that are related to the Android development.

Android Developers Backstage
Android Developers Backstage

Here you can see, what kind of apple podcast was released on date and you can just play one of those podcasts, while you’re working on something else on your computer.


So there are 3 main YouTube channels that I’m going to point out here:

Now you might be wondering why only three, well in this case I’m going to show you only the official sources of a YouTube channels.


Twitter is also the best platform which help us to stay up to date, we can follow all different kind of people that are actually coming from the official Android developers team but not just them we can also follow some different pages for example like Android developers, Android weekly, Kotlin.

The best thing about Twitter is that you are going to receive the occasional notifications about about the relevant tweets from those people that you’re actually following.

I’m following mostly those people that are actually coming from the official Android developers team because they are posting the most relevant information about the Android itself and if you don’t know who to actually follow then you can just write the Android hashtag in this search bar and then you can select the people.

So those were all the resources that personally I do follow and they use in my everyday work. I know that there are also quite a lot different useful sources of information when it comes to the Android development.
So if you think that, I have skipped or missed some good resources of information then I'll be sure to comment down below, if you learn something new today so share this post to other developers like you
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Happy Learning 🙂

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