Top 15 Best Ways To Make Money From Home

Welcome back to the Techpass master blog, In this article, we are going to discuss the Top 15 Best Ways To Make Money From Home. There are so many ways to earn money online in 2022. Some of these suggestions are sided hustles and with some of them, you can make a full-time income. So without any further discussion let’s see 🙂

Best Ways To Make Money From Home
Best Ways To Make Money From Home

Top 15 Best Ways To Make Money From Home

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means you are advertising a product and referring customers to it. Once they buy you will get some commission. Some companies offer 20%, 30% and some offer as high as 75% commission so it’s all up to you which company you choose to promote. You don’t have to buy any of the products yourself, store inventory, do fulfillment, ship merchandise, or even do any customer service. The company you are selling for handles all of those tasks.

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow a small business online from the comfort of your own home.

2. Transcription

Whenever you see a video, on youtube or any other media platform, and it has captions underneath it that were created by a transcriber. Whether it’s in Korean, English, or any language you can get paid to actually, transcribe videos.

3. Do Freelance Writing or Proofreading

Freelance writing is an easy way to make money, especially if you’re a good and quick writer. There are a lot of ways to get into freelancing for blogs and websites, and many companies are looking for different sorts of writing, including technical writing, brochures, etc. To get started, look at freelancing sites like Upwork, and search and apply for any freelance job.

4. Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a great way to make money with little investment. There are people making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month just by drop shipping. The Drop shipping is a store such as a Shopify store on your domain, you can buy imports the products from China or even America and you act as the middleman a customer comes to your store, they purchased a product you pay your vendor usually a lot less than what it costs.

5. Playing video games

Yes, there are apps out there that you can download on your phone where you get paid to play. Apps like swag bucks or inbox dollars which I use.

How much can you make?

That’s all up to you depending on how determined are, you can earn anywhere between $12 an hour to $15 an hour literally to play video games.

6. Create an online course

if you have a special skill or educational background and something that you’re passionate about like, for example, I have a bachelor’s in exercise science and a lot of knowledge of the body, physiology, and how the body moves.

7. YouTube

YouTube is another popular way to make money online. The recent rule changes you do have to be eligible for monetization (Earn Money), it’s one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time too.

YouTube is a great way to make money online, if you have a passion you can put your videos out there to add value to people, and in return, you get you to get money. You can then simply direct deposit or receive a check every few weeks.

8. Teaching

You can teach a language online on various foreign language websites. You can teach Chinese, French or English to people.

9. Company Sponsorships

If you’re a content creator of some sort, whether you make Pinterest stuff or YouTube or Instagram or whatever you can partner with companies that want to get their products out in front of people. It’s a great way for you to network as well as introduce a product that you believe your audience will enjoy.

10. Listening to music

There are websites like ‘play this push’ where you can make $10 per song just listening to music. The way this works is that new artists want their music to be reviewed so they put it on this website and they want people to give honest feedback and to review it.

11. Facebook

I have a friend that recently who has a YouTube channel he wasn’t making a lot of money on AdSense from his channel he converted his footage to YouTube creator studio he made seven thousand dollars his first month he made like four thousand dollars his second month - all by transferring old content on YouTube to the Facebook creator studio.

12. Start a Blog

The best way to get started making money online–regardless of what you choose to do or sell–is to start a blog. You see, if you want to make money online, you are going to need to attract an audience. Starting a blog is and grow your audience online. And with some time and work, your blog can even turn into a 7-figure business.

13. Design Online

If you’re are good at graphic design and have artistic skills, you can work online doing design work for companies and websites. This can be small jobs like graphics for advertising or entirely redesigning websites. Consider entering online design competitions where you get paid if you win, and that can be a good place to start when looking for clients.

14. Vlog on YouTube

You can also become a YouTube video blogger if you’re good at video. Your pay comes from the advertisements on your videos, so you get paid more if you have high viewership. You can get paid as much as $2.60 for every 1,000 views of each video. Many college students are turning to vlog these days, to showcase a passion for their day-to-day lives. This can easily be channeled to a platform like YouTube which will give you money from advertisements.”

15. Be a Virtual Assistant

You can also earn money online by becoming a virtual assistant. Many people and businesses are starting to outsource all of their administrative work, like emails, organization, research, and other tasks. If this is interesting to you, know that virtual assistants can earn a few hundred dollars or more per month. All you need is a computer (which you probably have), and the ability to dedicate a certain amount of time a week to admin work.

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